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Different Factors That Can Affect the Efficiency of Solar Panels

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Solar panels are not made equally. Degradation, energy ratings, and power ratings are only some of the qualifications that make solar panels greater compared to another one. Though this is real, different practical factors help in determining how much energy your system, will generate all over the year. Here are some of them: 

The tilt of solar panels  

Your solar panel’s tilt could have a huge impact on the system’s overall output. If possible, you’d want to change your panel’s tilt all over the year since the sun is expected to be lower in the winter and higher in the summer. But, automated systems that can trach the sun are even more costly and need maintenance since they have moving parts. Each fixed tilt system involves the best angle where it can maximize different kinds of the season. Even though some degrees may never do such a great difference when it comes to efficiency in one year, the difference over time while using the solar energy panel system could be a lot more beneficial in the long run.  

Latitude of solar panels 

Aside from the tilt and angle of your solar panels, latitude can also impact the production of your solar system. If your solar panel systems are set up at higher latitudes, it will give off a more reduced production number all over the year because of the earth’s tilt while it spins on its axis.  

 Placement of solar panels 

The location of your modules could also greatly affect the production of solar panels. Take note that your modules should be facing south if you want it to be placed in the best direction it can have. The second-best location would be in the west and then third would be in the east. Roofing that is facing north can give sufficient production in other cases to make it valuable to set up panels, however, north-facing modules are usually not recommended. Though you can’t take ahold how much roof space can be availed to every azimuth, you could be wise when it comes to how you can utilize the roof space available to you to make the best of out your solar production. 


Climate can also greatly impact the performance of a system. For instance, there’s a usual misconception that modules will generate less once the environment is cold. But the opposite is actually true. The enemy of efficiency is heat and cold environments can keep on overheating solar systems, which causes it to lose its efficiency. Moreover, snow is reflective and focuses on sunlight optimizing overall irradiance. This only means that as long as you prevent the snow from burying your modules, your solar panel system will substantially benefit from the cold environment.  

As you decide to have a solar power installation Austin, it is important to understand how your environment can affect your system from one season to another for you to meet your energy requirements. Also, it is important to know what factors can impact the production of your solar panel to make sure that you can maximize the system as much as possible. 

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